Administrative Note

Hey everyone!

I wanted to let you all know that I have moved Blondihacks to a completely new hosting service. This was a big operation, and there’s a chance something broke. The main thing is that the site is now fully under the dedicated domain of There’s no more forwarding of various pieces to my old personal domain.

If you have bookmarks or RSS readers that point to you’ll need to update them. The RSS link at the top of the page is the correct one to use (the icon sorta looks like wi-fi)

Let me know if you have any trouble! This new hosting service should be much faster and more reliable, and will allow me to do some exciting new things with the site that I couldn’t before. Thanks for being my loyal readers all these years, and especially thanks to my Patrons who make things like paying for hosting and website transfers possible.

Sprocket says “hai”.

2 thoughts on “Administrative Note”

  1. mike vint says:

    caught one of your videos and liked it. Retired anesthesia provider but now learning machine. Own 12×36 Grizzly gunsmith lathe and Grizzly bench mill

    1. Quinn Dunki says:

      That’s great, thank you for watching!

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