Elliptical Machine Articles

  • Elliptical – Rear Subframe Replacement

    Testing the limits of my desire to repair.   What’s this? Is that my elliptical machine on the operating table again? How can this be?


  • Cardio Rollers

    Wherein we may solve this problem once and for all.   My elliptical machine has been a regular feature here, starting with upgrading the power


  • Elliptical Repair

    The cracks are starting to show.   My elliptical cardio machine has made so many appearances on this blog so far that it practically deserves


  • Elliptifeet

    Getting a cardio machine back on its feet.   Count yourselves lucky that I got the worst joke of this entire post out of the way


  • Cardio Roller Replacement

    Rescuing my cardio machine from the scrap heap once again.   As I’ve often said on this blog, so many consumer products seem to have


  • Cardio Power

    Conversion of an exercise machine to mains power   I have an elliptical cardiovascular training machine that I’m quite fond of. It has a nice


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