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Hey Blondihacks readers!

It’s been a very busy summer here in Blondihacks labs. I wanted to drop everyone a quick note to let you know all is well, and many more cool projects are in the pipe. I just came back from KansasFest, which was a blast just like last year. I won’t be doing a writeup about this year, because I was asked to write about it for Juiced.GS magazine instead. You should subscribe to it if you’re interested in retrocomputing.

In other news, by popular demand, Blondihacks is now on Twitter. Follow me @QuinnDunki to get notified of new posts on the site, occasional sneak previews of upcoming projects, and general snarkiness.

Finally, I’d like to say another thanks to all my Patreon Patrons. You’re the ones who make this site possible, and enable all the sarcasm-laden project articles. If you haven’t signed up as a Patron yet, consider doing so now!



Thanks again for reading, commenting, sharing, and Patronizing! Stay tuned, as more Blondihacks are on the way.

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