Administrative Note – New Patron Rewards!


Hello loyal readers! After seven-or-so years of running this blog, I decided it’s long past time to start giving my Patreon patrons more than just grateful pats on the back. You all are the reason this blog still exists, and I want you to have benefits that nobody else is getting. Here’s the new reward structure:


All Patrons: Video! Yes, there is now a private YouTube channel just for Blondihacks Patrons that will have more in-depth looks at all the work featured here, starting next week. All Patrons at every tier get access to this exclusive video content. I’m putting a lot of time and energy into this new venture, so I hope you like it! Video links will be sent through Patreon email, so make sure your email address is valid. $5 is the suggested minimum pledge for video content, but you can customize other amounts if you wish. All Patrons receive the videos.

I’m going all out with the production value on these videos, because I want you to feel they are worth your Patron dollar.


$10 and up- Recognition & Swag! I want to thank my biggest supporters publicly, so at higher levels, you get your name in lights in all my videos and here on the site. If you prefer to remain anonymous, no problem! Just drop me a note saying as much and your name will not appear anywhere. Second, Blondihacks has stickers now, and they are only available by Patreon. At $10+, you get a cool pack like this sent to your door:

Sweet sweet stickers. Exact contents may vary slightly, but it will be close to what you see here.


New perks are coming for higher levels, and all existing Patrons will always be brought in retroactively to any perk, so sign up now!

If you are a current Patron at the above levels, I’ll be contacting you privately to arrange for your retroactive perks. Thanks very much for all your support!

If you’re not a Patron, this is a great time to sign up because there will be a lot more videos and other perks coming your way!


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