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Hello loyal Blondihacks readers!

I recently posted my thoughts here about Patreon’s changes to their fee structure. In that, I counseled you to lower your pledges to me in order to keep your out-of-pocket the same. I prefer to keep you as Patrons and loyal readers for less take-home rather than lose you.

Well, good news! Patreon has reversed that decision and is going back to the old model of having me pay those fees for you. That’s the fairest way to do it in my opinion (and the opinion of almost every content creator on the internet). We get that taking payments securely from people is a service that costs money, and that’s a service I’m using so I should pay for it. You should just be able to pay what you feel is fair for my writing, and that’s that.

I humbly ask that if you recently lowered your pledge as a result of Patreon’s announcement, that you raise it back to where it was so that I can continue to bring complex and detailed long-form content about all types of projects here on Blondihacks.

If you’re not a Patron, now is a great time to sign up. Show Patreon they made the right call by increasing support of the people who make the things you love! Just click here to sign up:



If you prefer to donate directly on an ad-hoc basis, I’ve also made it much easier to do so via Paypal:


As always, Blondihacks will always be free, but your generous donations make a dent in my tools, materials, hosting, and time costs. Without your support, this blog would have ended years ago.

Thanks for being awesome!

3 thoughts on “Patreon Update

  1. Regardless of payment structure, I get great personal entertainment from reading these blog posts, so I didn’t care if I had to pay another dollar, but kudos to you and all the other Patreon content creators for standing up to “the man”.
    Keep it up, Quinn.
    All the best.

    1. Aww shucks, thanks!

      Integrity is very important to me, and it didn’t feel right to have you guys footing the bill for a service that I choose to use. Thanks for being a reader, and I hope you’ll spread the word about Blondihacks.

  2. My concerns were

    1) This change was imposed without consultation or warning.

    2) Right before Christmas

    3) That Patreon was using the fee change to give itself a raise without appearing to.

    I think Patreon would have done far better to have rolled out the *option* for the patron to decide who pays the processing fees.

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