Administrative Note – New Patron Rewards!

Wherein I give out more cool stuff to the people who make this all happen.


Have you been on the fence about supporting me on Patreon? Good news- I have a new reward level and new rewards for some existing Patrons!

Starting now, if you support me at $2 or above, you get access to 3D models, STL files, Fusion 360 data, and mechanical drawings for all the projects where I use any of those things. I’ll be posting some of those rewards soon, so now is a great time to sign up.

The exclusive video content is still reserved for $5 and up, but if you want to try building some of this stuff yourself, you’ll be well-equipped to do so at $2.

Thanks as always for all the support. Patreon is the only reason the Blondihacks media empire still exists after nine years, and my dream is to make it break even someday.

Go ahead and mash this link: MASH ME …. or use the big Patreon button in the sidebar right now!


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