Bed Frame Cushion

A better morning for old feet.


We’re back! Thanks for everyone’s patience with BlondiHacks’ long absence. Moving to the new space has been more complicated than predicted, but I’ve been counting the hours until I can get back to the lab bench. I’m going to start with something simple here, to ease back into things. Judging from the feedback, my electronics articles (Veronica in particular) are much more popular than the “lifestyle-oriented” ones, but the latter are a lot easier to write. So cut me some slack while I get back up to speed. 🙂


Every morning, I wake up and swing my legs out of bed. Sometimes I need a moment to realize I’m no longer commanding a Firefly-class starship as the leader of a rabble of freedom-loving outlaws, but in fact have awoken. In that moment, I rest my feet on the bed frame rail. It’s a lovely bed frame from Pottery Barn, which I got on clearance.. However, the height of the mattress set is such that my feet naturally come to rest on the top edge of the steel rail. Most of my weight is borne by my heels in that moment, which isn’t very comfortable.


Damn you, Steel Menace! Curse you, faux-antique-brass-finished angle iron!  Never again!


I guess I’m getting old, but that morning ritual finally annoyed me enough to do something. “No more”, I cried to my still-lingering-imaginary bridge crew. “No more, will I suffer the slight discomfort of my heels digging into angle iron every morning!”. It was with this rallying cry that I got my ass dressed, went to Home Depot, and bought two lengths of 1/2″ foam pipe insulation.


This stuff is great. It comes in 6-foot lengths, can be used as a solid tube, or easily split as shown. All for the whopping investment of 97 cents.


Sometimes, in this world, two completely unrelated elements come together in perfect coincidental harmony. Those moments make me smile, so imagine my joy when I found that the lengths of pipe insulation are exactly the right length for my queen-sized bed frame rails. No cutting required. I love it when a hack comes together.




The end result is hidden by the bed skirt. The only way you’d know it’s there is by the smile on my face in the morning when my heels come to rest on cushiony bliss. Unfortunately, my smile fades when I look at the hideous blue carpet which adorns this room. It’s on my hit list, but in the meantime, I hum Johnny B Goode and pretend I’m at the Enchantment Under The Sea Dance.


It’s the little things.



7 thoughts on “Bed Frame Cushion

  1. Reminds me that I need to buy some of those foam insulators for the AC freon pipes to the outside AH unit. They rot out after a few years in the sun, especially here down south..

    Nice McGyverism BTW. I’ll share one of mine with you, I’ve used emtpy Chlorix and Downy bottles with the bottoms cut off and nailed to the legs of my workbench as “holsters” for my electric dril and soldering gun.

  2. Great to see you back posting! Love the blog, and looking forward to hearing more about your hacks and projects as you get settled in to the new digs.

  3. That pipe insulation is also great for garage/carport walls, to protect car doors from people over-enthusiastic about door opening. Like duct tape, that stuff is much better at stuff it *wasn’t* designed for.

    … and who let Kaylee take over the gorram ship?

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